Adding child records from within parent records

Often you want to enter all pertinent information together, even if the data lives in separate tables. For example, when you create a new meeting, you want to add related agenda items at the same time and save all those records in a single click. You can easily add data to multiple tables from within a single form.

Enter it all on a single screen. This project record features an embedded report of related task items.
Even though task details live in a separate table, you can add them at the same time you create the project.
To add a new task, start typing in any blank line at the bottom of the embedded report.

Note: The application manager must enable this feature by making the embedded child report editable. Do so and users can also edit related child records whenever the parent form is open for editing. (Editable reports don't display in Grid Edit mode when you merely display the parent record form. Like any other data-entry field on the form, embedded Grid Edit reports are only editable when you're editing or adding or a parent record.)

To add child records, either:
  • Scroll and type. Scroll to the bottom of the list of records where you'll find four blank rows. Type data in a blank row to add a new record. As you add records, Quick Base keeps generating new blank rows for additional records.

  • Click the New button. The top left of the embedded report features a New button. (The word "record" refers to the records in a table, but the term used in your application may be different (for example, "contact," "task," or "issue"). Click the New button and Quick Base automatically highlights the first cell of the first blank row at the bottom of the list. You can start typing or make a selection.

Spreadsheet-style embedded reports are really just grid edit reports that appear on a form. So you can perform any functions that work in a grid edit report. Learn more about working in grid edit mode.

When you save the record, all changes you made in the embedded report will save too.

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