Adding parent records from within child records

Imagine that you run a sports memorabilia store and you track your inventory in Quick Base. You just got in a shipment of vintage baseballs from a new supplier. They're such beautiful specimens that you dive right into your inventory table and start creating a record for each baseball. But, as you type, you realize that you never entered your new supplier in the Suppliers table. So, you can't make a selection within the Supplier field dropdown.

There's no need to break your stride by switching out of the Inventory table and into the Suppliers table to add a new record. You can add a new supplier directly from within an inventory item.

This convenience is brought to you by the magic of relationships. Whenever you're in a child record, Quick Base lets you add a parent record to relate it to. (Don't know what the difference between parent and child is? Find out.) The best part is, you don't need to leave the child record, so you won't lose the work you've already done.

If the parent table is in a different application than the child table, you must have create permissions in the parent table to add a parent record from within a child record. Read more about creating cross-application relationships.

Important: If your permissions in the parent table are granted because you are a member of a group, you will not be able to add a parent record from within a child record.

To create a new parent record from within a child record:
  1. Add or edit a record.

  2. Locate the reference field.

    The reference field is the field containing values from the parent table.

    This field appears as a drop-down containing values from your parent table. For example, the sports memorabilia store's Supplier table is the parent.

  3. Select the reference field's drop-down and select <Add a new Record>.

    If your reference field is set to use the record picker you'll see only one choice here: <browse choices...>. Select this option and within the dialog box that appears, click Create a new record.

    Note: The word "record" refers to the records in a table, but the term in your application may be different (for example, "contact," "task," or "issue"). This means that the text in the instructions below may be slightly different from what you see.

    A blank parent record form appears above the child record in which you were working.

  4. Complete the form and click Save.

    Quick Base saves the new parent record and automatically populates the reference field's dropdown with the value.

  5. Finish filling in the child record and click Save.

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