Adding parent records from within child records

You can add a new parent record while you are adding a new child record. For example, while entering an order in an Orders table, you could add a new customer to the Customers table, provided the two tables are related. About table-to-table relationships

Note: If the parent table is in a different application than the child table, you must have permissions in the parent table to add a parent record from within a child record. More about creating cross-application relationships.

Important: If your permissions in the parent table are granted because you are a member of a group, you will not be able to add a parent record from within a child record.

To create a new parent record from within a child record:
  1. Add or edit a record.

  2. Locate the reference field. The reference field is the field containing values from the parent table, such as a list of customer names. This field appears as a drop-down containing values from your parent table.

  3. Select the reference field's drop-down and select Create a new record. The word "record" will change to match the type of record in your table, such as customer.

  4. Complete the form in and click Save.

    Quickbase saves the new parent record and automatically populates the reference field's drop-down with the value.

  5. Finish filling in the child record and click Save.

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