Add Multiple Records at Once

Maybe you’re not the one-at-a-time type. If you want to add or edit multiple records in one stroke, Quick Base can oblige.

To add multiple records at once:
  1. Display a table report of records in the table you want to add records to, such as List All.

  2. Click the Grid Edit link on the Page bar.

    Quick Base makes the entire table editable, so you can change any value directly from this report. This feature is a handy way to make changes to several records at once or to add or delete several records at a time. (Read more about Grid Edit.)

  3. Add records in one of two ways:

  4. To save your changes and continue editing, click Apply Changes. When you’re done, click Save.

Tip - Create a Grid Edit report

You can create reports that automatically display in Grid Edit mode. This is handy for letting your users enter lots of records at once. For instance, say they need to enter multiple timecards at the end of the week. To do so, create a new report and make its type Grid Edit.

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