Copy a Record

Say you're using Quickbase to track your vintage vinyl album collection. You just bought six copies of "Richard Chamberlain Sings!" and want to create an entry for each one. But the prospect of typing the same information over and over again is dispiriting.

The fact is, you don't have to. Quickbase lets you duplicate a record with the click of a button. When you do this, Quickbase displays a new record form, which already contains information copied from a record you specify, giving you a head start on the new entry. Make whatever changes you want. You can edit all fields or none. This shortcut is great if you're adding a bunch of almost identical records, or even if there's just one field you'd like to copy over into a new record.

Note: By default, the term "record" is used to refer to the records in a table, but the term you use in your application may be different (for example, "contact," "task," or "vendor"). This means that the "Add Record" page mentioned below may read "Add Task" or "Add Issue" depending on what you call your records.

To add a record with fields prefilled:
  1. View the record you want to copy.

  2. On the Page bar, click the More > Copy this record.

    The Add Record page appears with fields prefilled.

    Note: If this command doesn't appear, then the Auto-fill option is not set for any fields in the table. (See note below.)

  3. Make the necessary changes, and then click Save. The new record is now displayed. Continue from step 2 of this procedure if you want to keep copying records.

Note: Your Application Manager controls which fields you can copy or prefill by turning off the Auto-fill checkbox on the Field Properties page. Quickbase automatically turns off this option for Lookup, Summary, Report Link, File Attachment, Formula, append-only, and built-in fields.

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