The Apps page contains a list of all the apps in your realm. Currently, there are two different views of this page available from the left-hand navigation bar on the Admin Console: A new Apps (Beta) page and the original Apps page. From these pages, realm and account admins can:

  • View app information. For each app, you can view the app name, manager, whether the app includes the Everyone on the Internet role, app size, file attachment size, number of API calls, number of tables, number of users, number of groups invited to the app, the date the app was created, and the date it was last modified. If you need to delete file attachments to reclaim space, see Managing an app's file attachments. To see the app's full usage statistics, click the app name to display the App Info page.
  • View more detail for an app. To see details for a specific app and to perform actions on that app, click the app name to display the App Info page.
  • Export the list. From the Beta page, click Export CSV on the right side of the list to export a list of the apps to a CSV file. From the original page, click Save as a Spreadsheet.
  • Search the list. Use the search field at the top left to search the list of apps.
  • Transfer an app. If an app needs a new manager, or owner, or both, click it in the Apps tab, then click Transfer App and follow the prompts.
  • Delete apps. To delete apps from your account in the original Apps page, select the corresponding check boxes in the first column, and click the Delete Selected button on the right side of the list. Follow the prompts to complete the deletions. To delete apps from the Beta page, click the app name to display the App Info page, then click Delete App.


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