The Apps page contains a list and a count of all the apps (in the upper right corner) in your account. From the Apps page, realm and account admins can:

  • View and sort app information. For each app, you can view the app name, icon, App ID, manager, App manager status, whether the app includes the open to Internet role, app size, file attachment size, number of API calls, number of tables, number of users, whether the app is in production, number of groups invited to the app, the date the app was created, the date it was last modified, and the date it was last accessed.
    To reclaim space, you can delete file attachments.

  • View more detail about the app manager. For a specific app, you can click its manager name to review: user name, email address, status, and approval level. You can also send an email to the manager. Additionally, you can click the App manager status column to transfer ownership of an app to a new owner.

  • View more detail and usage statistics for an app. For a specific app, you can click the app name to display the App Info page where you can review details and usage statistics.

  • Export the list. To export a list of the apps to a CSV file, click Export CSV at the top right side of the page.

  • Search for an app in the list. Enter an app name in the search field at the top left to search for an app.

  • Delete apps. You can either click the app name to display the App Info page, and then click Delete App; or click the check box next the App Name and then click Delete Selected at the top right of the page.

  • Limit application access to approved users.