User Tokens

Integrations with user tokens provide greater convenience and enhanced security. From the Admin Console, realm admins can review a list of all user tokens, including the following information:

  • User Token ID
  • User token name
  • Description
  • Owner first name
  • Owner last name
  • Owner email
  • Date created
  • Last used
  • Is Active (Yes or No)
  • Apps used in

Admins can create and manage user tokens in Quickbase, and then use them to run APIs with their permissions. Additionally, you can use the user token parameter with any API that doesn't post to a db/main URL, and also with API_GrantedDBs .

Activating and deactivating user tokens

Admins can activate and deactivate one or more user tokens from the User Tokens page, giving them control over all user tokens in their realm.

To deactivate, select the user token(s), and click Deactivate.

Note: The owner of the user token can reactivate their deactivated user token.