Require Application Tokens

This topic refers to functionality that is not available to accounts on the Quick Base Essential plan. If the functionality described here does not match what you're seeing in Quick Base, your account is probably on this plan.

If you plan to use the Quick Base HTTP API to make API calls to your application, Quick Base provides additional security that you should implement in each API call. Application tokens provide an added level of security. Quick Base recommends using app tokens unless you authenticate using a user token.

There are some situations in which you should disable application tokens:

  • If you use exact forms in an application, you must disable application tokens or the exact form feature won't work.

  • If you have trouble incorporating a Quick Base add-on or wizard that uses tokens, you can disable tokens.

  • If your application features formula URL fields that include API calls, you can save yourself the trouble of updating those calls with tokens by disabling tokens in your application. Disabling tokens is a workaround solution and means that you lose the additional level of security that tokens supply.

To require application tokens:
  1. In the App bar, select the application you want, click Settings, then click App properties.

  1. In the Application Tokens section, select the Require Application Tokens checkbox.

  2. Click the Save button on the Page bar.

    Any API calls to this application now require an application token.

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