Audit Logs

Audit logs allow admins to gain greater visibility into how users access their apps and the types of changes that are made to data and structure within those apps to ensure they comply with their organization’s security standards and corporate compliance policies.

Note: Audit logs are included with Platform and Unlimited plans with 6 months data retention and available as an add-on for Premier plans. Data retention is the continued storage of an organization's data for compliance or business reasons.

Retention packages are available for 1, 3, and 7 years. Audit logs are rolling logs based on the chosen data retention period.

Currently, audit logs are available for:

Viewing and downloading audit logs

Admins can view and download audit log information in 7-day increments. A total of 90 days of activity is available.

Audit logs display:

Item Description
First Name User’s first name.
Last Name User’s last name.
Email Address User’s email address.
Action What action was taken, such as log in, report access, or table search.
Time Exact time the action was taken, including date, and time with hour, minutes and seconds. Time zone is the browser time zone.
IP The IP address the action was taken from.
User Agent The browser and OS the action was taken from.
Application UI for user interface or API for an API call.
Description A brief description of the action.

To download audit logs:

  1. Click Audit Logs on the left-hand nav bar of the Admin Console or the left-hand nav bar of the Manage Billing Account page.

  2. Click Download, enter a date range, and click Download for a .csv file of audit logs.


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