Automation limits

Automations have the following limits:


  • You must have admin-level permissions to the app to view and build automations.

  • The last person to save an automation is considered the owner of the automation. The automation will fail if the automation owner doesn’t have permissions to make the changes defined in the automation’s actions. Keep this in mind when editing an automation that you didn’t create.

  • You must be the owner of an automation to delete a scheduled automation.

Size and time limits

  • An app can have no more than 100 automations. This limit includes both enabled and disabled automations.

  • An automation can have no more than 50 actions.

  • An automation can’t run more than 20 times per second.

  • An automation times out after 3 minutes.

  • An automation action times out after 60 seconds.

  • Modify records and Delete records will only work on 1,000 records or less. If an automation attempts to modify or delete more than 1,000 records in one action, it will error out.

Fields and tables

Some field types are not fully supported in an automation:

  • File Attachment, iCalendar, Report Link, VCard – Fields of these types are not included in the list of fields you can retrieve data from in an automation.
  • Duration fields cannot be used when defining conditions for an automation trigger or when choosing which records to modify or delete in an automation action.

When retrieving data from one field to another in an automation, make sure the data and field types are compatible. Data transformation is currently unsupported.


  • When you copy an app, the original app’s automations are not included with the copy.

  • Test as Role and Test as User won’t work for viewing and building automations.

  • When an app is moved from one realm to another, the automations are removed and cannot be recovered.

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