Backing up and restoring Quick Base data

Backups are part of our overall philosophy of high availability (HA) and ease of disaster recovery (DR). All apps in all accounts are backed up daily.

The type of plan or pack chosen by the billing account administrator affects whether apps from that account can be restored. Users in Quick Base Platform and Quick Base Unlimited plans can request a restore up to four times per year. Other plans can add a “restore pack” to the monthly charges on the account, which allows restore requests four times per year.

Backup policies

We back up every application daily. The encrypted backup files are stored within our data centers. We do not use a third party to maintain backup files.

Local backup for applications is done as a snapshot every 24 hours, and we keep the most recent 14 daily snapshots. In addition to the daily snapshots, we keep the most recent 6 months’ worth of weekly snapshots past the 14 days’ worth of daily snapshots.

Note: For an application to be recoverable from backup, it must not have been created and deleted within the same day.

Restore process

Should any user on your account accidentally delete data or an application, you would need to request a restore if you want to retrieve that data. The turnaround time for a restore is typically 1–2 business days, but can be longer in some cases, depending on how far back you need us to go. Keep in mind that the farther back you wish to restore data, the less likely we are to have a backup that will restore the exact data you need.

We offer 5 types of restores:

To request a restore:

Contact Quick Base Customer Care and tell us that you need a restore. You will be asked to provide:


Maintaining your own backups

Many customers choose to back up their data on a regular basis rather than pay for a restore. If you decide to maintain backups on your own there are several features that will help with this process.

Disaster recovery overview

Please visit our Security and Compliance page for information about disaster recovery.


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