Cancel Quickbase service for your account

• Per Quickbase terms of service you need to provide a 30-day notice of your cancellation.
• Before you cancel your Quickbase service, export any data from your Quickbase apps that you want to keep. All of the apps and data in your billing account are deleted when you cancel your account.

Cancelling Quickbase service for your account (updated August 2022)

Note: Only account admins can request to cancel their Quickbase account.

  1. Go to You can either navigate there directly, or from your Account CSR click Cancel Serviceand you will be directed to

  2. Indicate that you would like to Cancel your account. The other options are Upgrade, Downgrade, or Convert from free trial.

  3. Check your email for a verification email that you are an account admin. If you are not an account admin, the email will advise you to contact one in your organization.

  4. Click the link in the email to supply more information in a form.

  5. After you click Submit, you will see a “Thank You” page and a representative will be in touch soon to complete the process.

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