Change Your Contact Preferences

There are a number of communications you may or may not want to receive from Quickbase. You can subscribe to some communications and pass on others using the Manage Your Subscriptions page. This page lets you choose how you want to hear from us.

Note: The subscriptions you manage here are not the same as report subscriptions you may set up in Quickbase applications. (Learn more about Quickbase report subscriptions.)

To change your contact preferences:
  1. Click the user dropdown on the Global bar, then click My preferences.

  2. In the My User Preferences section, click the Select the types of communication link. The Manage Your Subscriptions page appears.

  3. Click the checkboxes to subscribe or unsubscribe to each type of email, then click Update Preferences.

  4. To return to Quickbase, close the window or tab that the page displayed in.

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