Change the Record Title on Forms

Quick Base always identifies the record you're working with in the heading of the form used for viewing or editing records. By default, the following items make up the Edit/View Record form heading:

  • The noun used to identify records in the table (for instance, Contacts, or Tasks)

  • The value of the Record Name field (default: key field, usually the record ID)

For instance, when you edit a contact record, the heading on the Edit Record form might be Edit Contact 1483.

You may want to display a contact’s name on the Edit Record form, rather than the Record ID. For instance, you may want the heading of the Edit form to read Edit John Doe. You can customize a table's properties and choose the Contact Name field as the Record Title.

To change the record title:
  1. Choose a table from the Table bar.

  2. Click Settings from the Page bar, then click Advanced settings.

  1. Click Identifying Records to expand the section.

  2. In the Record Title section, select This field, then select the field you want from the list.

  3. Click Save.