Changing names for records

A record is a single entry in a table. For example, in a table of employees, each employee's information (name, telephone, and so on) reside in one record.

When you use a descriptive term for your records, it's easier to keep track of what you're doing and what table you're working with. Accurate terms are especially helpful when you create relationships between tables.

You can change what you call records at any time. When you do so, Quickbase can help you update any references to the old term, wherever they may occur.

To change the name for a record:
  1. Choose a table from the table bar.

  2. Select Settings , then select Advanced settings.

  3. In Table and Record Names, enter a plural name in the Records in this table are called field, for example: Projects

  4. Enter a singular name in the A single record is called field, for example: Project

  5. Click Save. Quickbase changes the record name wherever it appears.

About using Search and Replace in Schema

Your application's schema is the technical term for its structure, which consists of elements like tables, fields, and relationships. Often, the term you change is referred to in other parts of your application, such as forms and reports. Quickbase lets you clean up all these areas using one command, which replaces the term throughout the application's schema.

To change a term in the schema:
  1. From the app home page, click Settings, then click App management.

  2. Click Search & replace in schema.

  3. Enter the term you want to replace, then click Search.

    Quickbase displays all occurrences of the term.

  4. Select or clear the Maintain the case check box.

  5. Investigate any of the elements found in the table, especially if you have been moving tables between applications.

  6. Select or clear any of the check boxes in the table, as necessary.

  7. Enter the new term in the Replace with the term box.

  8. Click Replace in Selected Items.