Change the Field Type of an Existing Field

Caution: Changing a field's type modifies all the data in the field (column) so that it conforms to the new field type. If the data cannot be converted, it is lost. To prevent the loss of data, duplicate the field that you want to change, and then make changes to the duplicate.

To change a field type:
  1. Access the field's properties page.

  2. Click Change Type. If this link does not appear on the field's properties page, then the field type cannot be changed.

    The Change Field Type page displays.

  3. From the Select a field type dropdown, choose the new field type, and then click Change Type.

Restrictions to field type changes

In general, the dropdown on the Change Field Type page will contain the allowable list of new field types. Some field types have been called out below:

  • List - User fields. You can't change the field type of a List-User field. In addition, you cannot change another field to a List-User field.

  • File attachment fields. You can't change the field type of a File Attachment field.

  • Multi-select Text fields. You can't change the field type of a Multi-select Text field. You can change Text and Text - Multiple Choice fields to Multi-select Text fields.

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