Choose a Table Icon

Each table in the table bar displays an icon and the table's name. When you create an app from Quick Base Exchange, the icons and table names are already assigned to each table. However, if you create tables by hand, or you want to change an existing table's icon, you will need to choose an icon to represent the table.

To choose a table icon while creating a table:
  1. When you create a table, if you don't like the icon chosen to represent the table, and none of the suggested icons are suitable, click the Icon field.

    The Choose a new icon dialog displays. This dialog shows all the Quick Base table icons. Each icon has been assigned keywords, which appear when you point to the icon.

  2. Type a keyword into the Search icons field to filter the list of icons.

  3. Choose a new icon. The icon you chose appears in the Icon field.

To change or assign a table icon:
  1. Select the table with the icon you want to change from the Table bar.

  2. Click SETTINGS, then click Advanced settings.

  3. Click Table and Record Names to expand the section, if necessary.

  4. Click the icon shown in the Table icon field.

  5. Move the pointer over an icon to see keywords assigned to it. To filter the icons shown, type a keyword into the Search icons field.

  6. Choose an icon for the table, then click Save on the Page bar to complete the change.


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