Copy the Structure of an Application

Say you have an existing Quick Base application that you love. In fact, you think that the application would be a perfect tool for managing your new project. But the existing application is already filled with data, none of which relates to your new project. You want a way to copy the shell of this application, but you want to leave the data behind. No problem. You can create a new application by copying the structure of an existing application.

Note: You can also create a sandbox application you can use to develop and test changes you want to make to your application. Use a sandbox application rather than an application copy if you want to make and test changes in the sandbox, and then apply changes to the live application. See Updating your Quick Base application using a sandbox application for more information.

To copy the structure of an application:
  1. Open the application that you want to copy, click SETTINGS, then click App management.

  2. Click Copy app.

    Note: If Copy app doesn't appear, you do not have permission from the Application Manager to copy the application.

  3. Enter a new name and description (optional) for the application.

  4. Click one of the following options:

  5. Choose one of the following options to assign roles to your list of users that Quick Base brings along for the ride or leave them in their current roles:

  6. When you've made your selections, click Copy Application.

    The new identical application (empty of data) opens for you to work with.

After you copy an application

Once you create a copy of an application, you may want to take some additional steps:

Note: If the application you're copying has a field that gets its values from a field in another app, the field will still get its values from the field and app you specified when you set it up. However, if that field gets its values from a field in another table in the same app, that setup will be copied so that the field gets its values from the copied app rather than the original app. Read more about shared value fields.

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