Copy an Application with Data

You can create an exact copy of an existing application, including all its data. To copy an application along with its data, you must have permission to view all the records in the application.

Note: Copying an app with connected tables disconnects the connected tables from the data source. Connected tables can’t be re-connected. Connected tables are not available to accounts on the Quick Base Essential plan.

To copy an application with data:
  1. Open the application that you want to copy, click SETTINGS, then click App management.

  2. Click Copy app.

    Note: If Copy app isn't shown on this page, then the Application Manager has not granted you permission to copy the application.

  3. Enter a new name and description (optional) for the application.

  4. Select any of the following options:

  5. Tell Quick Base how to copy users and roles. Choose one of the following:

    Note: When you copy users in their assigned roles, you automatically grant them access to the new application. They're rarely aware of this until you invite them to access the new application.

  6. Click Copy Application to complete the copy.

    Note: The copy fails if you exceed your billing account's space limits, or if you have more than 75MB of file attachments.

After you copy an application

Quick Base also lets you copy any cross-app relationships you may have created. See Copy an application with cross-application relationships for more information.

Once you've created your copy, you may want to take some additional steps:

Note: If the application you're copying has a field that gets its values from a field in another app, the field will still get its values from the field and app you specified when you set it up. However, if that field gets its values from a field in another table in the same app, that setup will be copied so that the field gets its values from the copied app rather than the original app. Read more about shared value fields.

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