Configure Date Fields

Date fields don't look or behave the way you want? Take control by editing the Date field's properties.

Access the field's Properties page in one of the following ways:

  • If you're in a form, right-click the field or field label and select Edit the field properties for this field

  • If you're in a report, click on a column heading menu (), then select Field properties.

  • From the table containing the field you want to change, click Settings on the Page bar. Click Fields, then click the field name to access its Properties page.

  • From the fields list, click the field name to access its Properties page.

Set the Default date to be today

When users fill out a data-entry form, you can help them out. Have Quick Base automatically enter today's date in a date field. The program doesn't prohibit other dates from being entered, it just gives users a head start. To automate this entry: On the field's Properties page, next to Default value, turn on the Today checkbox.

Tip: Users entering data in Quick Base can also take a shortcut. In any date field, press the "t" key. When you do so, Quick Base enters today's date. You can also use the keyboard to go back or forward one day. If there's a date in the field, select it and press "[" to change the value to the day before the existing date, or press "]" for the day after.

Change the Date Format

Quick Base automatically displays dates in the following format: 07-05-2011. You can format the date differently, if you want. To do so, select one or more of the following options under Format within the Display section:

  • Show the month as a name results in this format: JUL-05-2011

  • Show the day of the week inserts the day of the week in front of the date. You'll see something like: Tuesday, 07-05-2011

  • Don't show the year for dates in the current year shows the date in the following format: 07 5, 2011. That may not look so smart, but the appeal of this format doesn't lie in its looks. This date display is intelligent enough to know what year it is. If a date falls in the current year, the date display leaves the year out. If a date falls in any other year, the year appears.

Tip: If you want you display the date in this format: date as: JUL 5, 2011, turn on both the Show the month as a name and Don't show the year for dates in the current year checkboxes. But remember, only dates that are not in the current year will show the year, and dates in the current year look like this: JUL 5.

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