Convert Placeholders to Real Users

Quickbase User fields draw directly from the list of individuals with whom you've shared your application. When you import data into a table that contains a User field, Quickbase may need to insert temporary "placeholder" values into that table. To learn why, read about placeholders. In your app, if you see values in a User field that are surrounded by double-quotation marks, you need to convert these temporary values to the real users who access your application.

To convert placeholders to real users:
  1. Click Users in the table bar of your app.

  2. Click the arrow on the Share app with new user button.

  3. Select Replace Placeholders from the dropdown. The Replace Placeholders page displays, listing all the placeholder values for the current app.

    Note: If you don't see this command in the dropdown, there are no placeholders in your application.

  4. Next to a placeholder value you want to convert, click Pick a matching user.

  5. The User Picker opens in a new window. Select the Quickbase user that should replace the placeholder and click Done. Repeat for each placeholder.

    If you make an incorrect selection in the User Picker, clear it by clicking Cancel, and try again.

    If you realize that you've chosen to replace the placeholder with the wrong user, click Clear in the Replace with column.

    If the placeholder values match the user names of your users, you can let Quickbase try to pick users to match to placeholders for you instead. To do so, click Pick matches for me on the page bar. Quickbase finds matches for only those placeholder names that exactly match a Quickbase user name.

  6. When you've finished replacing placeholders, click Ok on the page bar.

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