Copy a Table

One table may solve many different business problems. You can create a table once and copy it multiple times—either within your app or to other apps.

Copying a table carries over the structure, home page, record title, forms, reports, charts, record picker settings, and advanced settings, along with automated email, webhooks, and actions. No relationships or reference fields are copied. Permissions and table home page settings will need to be re-set.

To copy a table:

  1. Choose one of the following:

    • From the table home page, go to More and select Copy table from the dropdown.

    • From the app Tables page, click the Copy this table icon on the right side of the table listing.

  2. Choose which app to copy the table to by selecting the app name from the dropdown.

    Note: To copy a table to another app, you must be an app manager for both apps.

  3. Add a name for the new table you are copying into.

  4. Add a name for a record in this table.

  5. To also copy the data in the table, select the option to Keep data.

If you copy a table within an app, app users will retain the same set of permissions to that table. If you copy a table to another app, permissions will need to be re-set.

Note: Copying the table does not copy the relationships and key field associated with that table.

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