Copying a report

Found a report that you like? But maybe you want to tweak it a bit to suit your preferences. No problem. Quickbase offers a few ways for you to riff on an old favorite.

Copying a report directly from the report display

If you want to change the layout of a report, you don't even need to leave the report itself. Just make layout edits directly on the screen (read how). Click Save > Save as to save a copy of the report with those changes.

Whenever you edit a report in display mode, these controls appear above the report.
Click Save to save changes to the report. Click Save > Save as to save it as a
new report, or click the Revert icon to take back any edits you made and leave the
report as it was when you opened it.

Copying a report from the Report Builder

You can also copy a report from within the Report Builder.

  1. Open any report, then click the Customize this Report link in the Page bar.

  2. If you want to make changes to the report, do so.

  3. Click Save > Save as in the Page bar and give the report a new name. The dialog gives you the option to change report properties that appear in the Basics section of the Report Builder.

  4. Click OK to save the new report.

Copying a report from the reports list

Maybe you don't want to make any changes to the report you're copying. In that case, you can make a copy from within the reports list.

To copy a report from the reports list:

  1. In the Table bar, click the table you'd like to view reports for.

  2. Click Settings in the Page bar, then click Reports & charts to access the reports list.

  3. Click the Copy icon () for the report you want to copy. This icon is located in the rightmost column of the reports list. Quickbase gives the new report the same name as the original report, but appends the word "copy" to the end. For example, if you copy a report called "Open Sales by Region," the new report is "Open Sales by Region copy." If you create other copies from the original, Quickbase will append “copy 2” for the second, “copy 3” for the third, and so on. The new report is inserted just below the report you copied.

If you want to modify the report you just created, click its name.

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