Creating or editing an automation

Now is a great time to build in Pipelines instead of automations. Learn more in Quickbase Community.

To create or edit an automation:

  1. Open the app that will contain your trigger and click Settings from the app home page.

  2. Select Automations under Advanced Features and select +New Automations on the Automations List page.

  3. Select your automation trigger type: When data changes or On a schedule.

  4. Define the automation trigger.

    For data change triggers, you can select a trigger to occur when a record is added, modified, or deleted. You can check as many boxes as you want. You can also add conditions.

    For schedule triggers, you can select daily, weekly, or monthly and select the days or dates. Learn more about defining a trigger

  5. Define automation actions by selecting Add a record, Modify record(s), Delete record(s), Run table import or Copy records.

    Select the app and table where the action will happen. Specify the information that your new or modified record will contain.

    You can use the left-hand side to navigate around an automation and add, copy, or delete actions. You can also reorder any actions that don’t reference previous actions.

    To add a new action, click + Add an Action.Learn more about defining an action.

  6. Click Save and close if this is your only action or click +Add an Action.

Copying an automation

You can copy an automation so that you can quickly get started on a new automation. Click the Copy icon in the Automations List page to create a copy.

A copy of your automation will appear in the list. Click to rename and edit the copied automation.

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