Creating apps from scratch

If building from a template or the apps in Quick Base Exchange don't address your needs, you can create your own app from scratch. Starting from scratch lets you lay out the basic structure of your app, using Visual Builder, before entering any data. You define the app by specifying the initial tables, fields and relationships between tables.

This topic shows you how to create an app from scratch. Before you begin, you should familiarize yourself with these topics:

To create an app from scratch:
  1. If you are on the My apps page, click Create new app. Or, if you're already in an app, click the New App tab.

  2. Choose Start from scratch. Visual Builder opens.

  3. Visual Builder provides an easy way to create and update apps. You can create tables, add fields, and connect relationships, all by dragging and dropping items onto a canvas.

    Using Visual Builder, you can test out configurations to determine the best data model for an app.

  4. When you’re ready to try out your app, click Create app in the top right.

    You can always edit your app’s structure at any time after creation.

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