Creating code pages

Code pages allow builders to create and run custom scripts or UI using code such as HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. You can add this code to your app or embed it in iframes (see examples in the Extending Quickbase help topic). Your app users run this code via a link you put in a formula URL field, button, or hyperlink on your dashboard.

Note: We suggest you follow our recommendations for extending Quickbase, including supported and encouraged approaches, design patterns, and security considerations.

To create and link to a code page:

  1. Open an app, then click Settings icon , then click New above Pages.

  2. Select Code Page, then click Create. Quickbase displays a large text box in which you can compose your page.

  3. Name your page. Include the appropriate file extension in your page name (such as .html or .js). If you do not include the file extension, Quickbase displays the page as plain text. You should use a name without spaces and include only letters, numbers, underscores and hyphens in the name of your code page.

  4. Enter or paste the content you want.

  5. When you're finished editing, click Save. A list of pages appears.

  6. To link to the code page, click the page view icon to the right of the code page. A preview of the page appears. Use the URL at the top of this window to link to this code page.

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