Creating a line and bar chart

Use a line and bar chart to easily distinguish between line value and bar values. This is a quick way to visually compare data sets that have different value ranges, like project cost in the millions and project hours in the thousands, or number of sales in the tens and profitability in the thousands.

This line and bar chart provides a quick view of profitability across an organization.

Like all Quick Base charts, line and bar charts are interactive; click an area of the chart to view the record(s) associated with it. You can also apply dynamic filters to line and bar charts.

To print your chart or save it as an image, click the menu in the top right of the chart:

To create a line and bar chart:
  1. Open the table in the table bar, click REPORTS & CHARTS and then click + New.

  2. Select Chart and click Create.

  3. In the Basics section, Name your chart and give it a Description.
    Tip: Select Show description on chart page so others can easily understand the purpose of your chart.

  4. Select Line and bar as the chart Type.

  5. Decide what this line and bar chart will show:

  6. If you selected to measure a Calculated column, select define a calculated column, label it, define the formula, and select the type.

  7. Filter to display only certain types of data or data that meets conditions you set.

  8. Save the chart as Personal (only you can view it) or Common (others can view it). Optionally, you can also assign the report to a group.


This line and bar chart provides a quick view of profitability across an organization. You can see quickly see where profitability has dipped, so you can dig in and address the problem.

This chart is defined as follows:

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