Create an App Home Page

When you create an application from scratch and open it for the first time, Quickbase displays a default app Home page that contains a list of reports on the left side of the page and an Info box that contains information about the application on the right side.

You can get a lot more out of your app's Home page than that. Customize the Home Page to provide your users with quick access to the information they need. You choose which reports or information to display. You can even create different Home pages for different kinds of users. For example, maybe your sales staff would like to see their current opportunities and a schedule of the day's calls, while your service staff needs to see a list of open customer support issues. To do so, you'd create the pages, then associate each Home page with a role.  

Tip: If users will be accessing the application on mobile devices, read tips for making these pages mobile-friendly.

To create an app Home page:
  1. Click Home, click Settings, then click + above Pages.

  2. Select Home Page, then click Create.

  3. In the Page Name field, type a name for the page.

    This name helps you identify the page later when you'll want to edit, copy, or delete it.

  4. Customize the Home page.

  5. To see what your new Home page looks like, click Preview on the Page bar.

  6. When you are satisfied with the results, click Save on the Page bar.
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