Make an App Home Page the Default

When you create or make changes to a Home page, you do so because you want people to see it! There are two ways to put your page in front of your users:

  • Associate the page with a particular role – When users in this role open the app, the Home page you assign to their role appears.

  • Set an app Home page as the default – All users see the default Home page when they first open your app. The only time the default Home page doesn't appear, is if you assign a different Home page to a user's role.

To make an app Home page the default:
  1. Click Home, then click Settings.

  2. Click Pages.

  1. Select the checkbox for the Home page that you want to make the default.

  2. Click Set as Default Home Page.

When you make a particular page, the default Home page, you cannot delete it. Before deleting a default Home page, you must first switch the default to a different page.

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