Define automation triggers

There are two types of triggers. Your automation can run when data is added, modified, or deleted in your app or on a set daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.

First, select When Data Changes or On a Schedule.

To define a data change trigger:

  1. Define what type of change will trigger the automation. You can check as many boxes as you want.

    • Added: Trigger when a record is added

    • Modified: Trigger when a record is modified

    • Deleted: Trigger when a record is deleted

  2. Select the table where your trigger will take place. You can filter the list of tables by typing in the drop down.

  3. Optional: Add additional criteria to your trigger. These conditions will further refine your trigger so that you can restrict it to certain field changes or even certain values. Select the field, then add specific field values to your trigger by choosing a condition, such as “is equal to” or “is less than” and select or enter a value.

    For example, you could define a trigger to run the automation when the Project Status field is equal to “Completed.” Click + to add a condition row and x to remove it.

    You can also use choose value in the field and select a field of the same type from the table. This allows you to compare two fields.

To define a schedule trigger:

  1. Select daily, weekly, or monthly.

  2. If weekly, choose on which days of the week your automation will run. If monthly, choose on which dates your automation will run.

Note: Scheduled automations should run between 8:00 am and 11:00 am UTC.

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