Deleting table-to-table relationships

Before you delete a relationship, understand that you'll lose any data you've entered in fields belonging to that relationship.

To delete a table-to-table relationship:

  1. Open the app that contains the relationship you want to delete.

    If you created a relationship between tables in two different apps (a cross-app relationship), open the application that contains the child table. (Note: You have the option to disable and re-enable cross-app relationships, rather than deleting them.)

  2. Open the table.

  3. In the list of table-to-table relationships,locate the relationship that you want to delete, and either:

    • Select its Permanently delete this relationship icon () in the right column.


    • Select the relationship to open its properties page, and then select Delete relationship button in the top right.

  4. After step 3, a Delete Relationship? confirmation page appears. Select the Delete button in the top right. A Delete Fields? dialog appears.

  5. Select the Delete button. A message letting you know how many fields were deleted, along with a message asking if you want to delete the reference field.

    Note: Quick Base deletes all the fields that are part of the relationship except the reference field itself, which is not deleted. This field reverts to a regular field. To avoid confusion you may want to delete this field too.

  6. If you decide to delete the reference field, the field properties page appears. On the Usage tab, select Delete Field.

  7. Select Delete to confirm the action and return to the Relationships tab.