Delete a Relationship

When a relationship isn't working out, it's easy to call it off (in Quick Base, anyway). Before you delete a relationship, understand that you'll lose any data you've entered in fields belonging to that relationship. (Don't know what these fields are? See about relationships.)

To delete a relationship:

  1. Open the application which contains the relationship you want to delete.

    If you've created a relationship between tables in two different applications, open the application that contains the details table. (Don't know what this is? Read about relationships.)

  2. Open table relationships in one of the following ways:

    Note: Unless you've created a relationship across separate applications, you can select either the master or the details table to delete the relationship.

  3. Locate the relationship that you want to delete, and either:

  4. Review the confirmation page that Quick Base displays, click Delete on the page bar, then click Delete on the dialog that displays to confirm the action.

    Quick Base displays a message letting you know how many fields it deleted. When you delete a relationship, Quick Base deletes all the fields that are part of the relationship except the reference field itself, which is not deleted. This field reverts to a regular field again. To avoid confusion you should delete this field too.

  5. Delete the reference field from the Usage tab that appears after you delete the relationship. To do so, click Delete Field on the page bar.

    Click Delete to confirm the action and return to the Relationships tab.

If you miss this opportunity for some reason, you can delete the reference field at any time within the details table's Fields list.


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