Delete a Version of a Document

File attachment fields automatically save old versions of the document(s) you upload. How many versions is up to you. When first created, a field automatically saves three versions behind the scenes. But the application manager can change this setting at any time. If these attachments are taking up too much room, you can delete them.

Tip: If you're running into file attachment space limits, consider limiting the number of versions Quickbase saves to one. Read how.

To delete a previously-saved version of a document:
  1. Display a report that includes the record containing the document whose history you want to review.

  2. Locate the record and click its edit button or edit icon button.

  3. Within the file attachment field, click the Revisions button.

    A popup window appears, showing previously-saved versions of the file.

  4. Locate the version of the document that you want to make the current one and turn on the checkbox to its left.

    Tip: Not sure which one to choose? To view a document in the list, just click its name.

  5. Click Delete, and then click OK to confirm the action.

    Note: Only an application manager can delete previously-saved versions of a document.

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