Displaying a report

Most Quick Base users rely heavily on reports. So, they're easy to access.

To display a personal or common report: (What's the difference?)
  1. In the Table bar, click the table containing the report.

  2. Click REPORTS & CHARTS on the Page bar to open the reports panel.

  3. If you have a lot of reports, use the Search reports & charts box to display a subset of them. Just type a few letters of your report name, and Quick Base filters the list of reports to show only reports with your search term in the title.

  4. Click the report name to close the panel and display the report. If you change your mind, you can click REPORTS & CHARTS to close the reports panel without opening a report.

Alternatively, you can access the report from the Favorites menu on the Global bar, if you have added it to the list of favorite reports or recently accessed it.

FAQ: My report columns are too wide or too narrow.  How do I resize the columns in my report?

Quick Base allows the browser to determine the width of the report and each report column.  However, you can make some adjustments in Quick Base to make columns wider or narrower.

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