Edit File Attachments

So your application manager has created a file attachment type field in your application. Great! But how do you use it to edit documents?

The best approach is to reserve the document, then download the file to your hard drive. Make edits, and when you're done, you can upload the new version back into the attachment field and release your reservation.

To download and edit a file attachment:

  1. Create or edit the record containing the file attachment field.

  2. If you don't want anyone else to edit the document while you're working, reserve the file.

  3. Download the file onto your computer's hard drive.

    How you do so depends upon your browser settings and your personal preference. Try one of the following:

    • Click the link to the attachment. Your browser should display a dialog box that asks if you want to open the file or save it. Select Save or Save to Disk. At this point, your browser may save the file automatically for you, or prompt you to select a location on your hard drive. Again, this depends upon your browser settings.

        FAQ - When I click the link, the document opens immediately. I can edit, but I can't save changes. What do I do?

        Your browser preferences are set up to open documents rather than ask you what to do with them. Don't edit within the browser. Instead, close the instance of the browser that contains the document. Then right-click the link to download (see the next bullet point).

    • Right-click the link to the file. Within the menu that displays, select Save Target as or Save Link As.

  4. Choose a location on your hard drive in which to save the file.

  5. Open the file in its native application and edit it.

    Tip: If you've posted an image file, you can display the picture instead of a link to it (on a display form only). To do so, just access the field properties of your attachment field and turn on the Display .JPG, .PNG and .GIF files as images checkbox.

  6. When you're done editing, upload the new version.

  7. If you reserved the document, release the reservation.

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