Edit an Automatic Email

The procedure for editing an email differs slightly, depending on who you are. Application Managers have more options than regular users.

To edit an email:
  1. Complete one of the following tasks:

    • To edit a shared email, open the table that contains it. Click Settings, then click Notifications, subscriptions, & reminders.

    • To edit a personal email, open the application that contains it. Click the user dropdown on the Global bar, then choose My personal settings in this app.

    • To choose an email from any table, click App management, then click Manage notifications, subscriptions, & reminders.

    An email list displays, with details about when each email will be sent. For subscriptions, you can view the report that will be sent as well.

  2. Click the name of the email you want to modify.

  3. Make the necessary changes. (For details on configuring emails, read the "Create a ..." topics linked below.)

  4. Click Save on the Page bar to save your changes.

To limit the number of emails shown in the list:

If you have many emails in a table, use the Search emails box at the top of the list to enter a search term. The search term limits the emails shown to ones whose name, table name, or owner contain that term.

You can also use the Show dropdown to limit the display:

  • show only notifications, or only subscriptions, or only reminders

  • show only personal emails, or only shared emails (Owner = To, Owner != To)

  • show only active, or only inactive emails

Choose All Emails from the dropdown to show all emails in the list again.

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