Email a Record

Suppose you want to communicate with a colleague regarding the content of a particular record. To start a discussion, you need this person to read the record. So how do you share it with them? Copy and paste it? Send a link to the page containing the record? Both those solutions are cumbersome. There's an easier way. Quick Base lets you email a copy of the record to that person. When you do so, your colleague can read your message and see the record content on the same screen.

To email a record:
  1. Display a report of the application that contains the record you want to email.

  2. Click next to the record that you want to email, then click Email in the Page bar.

  3. Enter recipients.

    Quick Base gives you several ways to specify recipient(s). In the first text box, enter email address(es), Quick Base user name(s), or even group name(s) for those to whom you want to send this record. Use commas, semi-colons, or line breaks to separate your entries. Or, if you want to select users from a list, click Browse Users to open the User Picker.

  4. Edit the subject and message text if you want and click Send Email in the Page bar.


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