Email a Report

So, you've created exactly the report that your boss needs to see. It's right in front of you displayed on your screen. But how do you get it to your boss? Just email it! It's a snap.

To email a report:
  1. Display the report that you want to email. (Table, summary, calendar, and timeline reports can be emailed.)

  2. For calendar reports, select Email > Report from the menu at the top of the report.

    For table, summary, or timeline reports, click Email on the Page bar.

  3. Complete the information for your email, entering the email address(es), user name(s), or group name(s) of those who should receive the report. Or, select users from a list by clicking the Quickbase Address Book. Note that you should use commas, semi-colons, or line breaks to separate your entries. You can choose to keep Quickbase's default message in the email body, or enter your own.

  4. Click Send.

Note: You cannot email chart or grid edit reports.

Tip: If you want to have Quickbase email a report to members of your team on a regular basis, create a report subscription.

Caution: If the report you're emailing contains a link to a file attachment, and that field has been set to allow open access, the file is available to anyone who clicks the link.

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