Send email to all addresses in a report

To send an email to a set of email addresses using a report:
  1. Create or display the report that includes all the email addresses you want to contact.

  2. Click the envelope icon at the bottom of the Email Address column in the report. Quickbase launches your email program (Microsoft Outlook, for example) and generates a new message to all the email addresses in that column.

    If you don't see this icon at the bottom of the report, you'll need to configure the field to display it. (See the section below.)

    Note: The envelope icon is a "mailto" link. Depending upon which browser you're using, there's probably a limit on how many email addresses that a mailto link can handle. For example, Internet Explorer does not pass more than 100 email addresses at a time. This limitation is not controlled by Quickbase, but by your browser and email program.

Quickbase generates email addresses in the format used by Microsoft Outlook. This format works with most email programs, but there's a chance that it may not work with yours. If you run into one of these limitations with your software, try a quick workaround: Export the list of addresses to a .csv file and paste them into your email program.

To configure an email field's properties to display the email icon:

If you don't already have a field of type Email Address in your table, create one. Then follow these steps:

  1. Open the table you want to customize from the Table bar, click Settings in the Page bar, then click Fields.

  2. Click the name of the field to open its properties page.

  3. Make sure that this field is of type Email Address. If it's not, complete the following steps:

    1. Click the Change Type link to the right of the field type, then set the type to Email address.

    2. In the Email field options section, select the Email all checkbox.

  4. Click Save.

How can I use this feature to send an email to users in a User field?

If your table has a regular User field but no Email Address field, you can still use this feature. There's no need to manually type in all those email addresses.

To send an email to all users in a User field:
  1. Create a new field and make its type Formula - Email address.

  2. Click the name of the field to edit its properties.

  3. In the formula field, type in the formula usertoemail([customer]).

    This formula tells Quickbase to replace the user in the Customer field with the user's email address.

  4. Replace "customer" with the name of your User field. You must use a regular User field. You cannot use a List - User field here.

  5. Use the procedure detailed above to email the set of addresses in your new formula field.

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