Add Text or an Image to Email Messages

Maybe you want to include your corporate logo in all the email messages that Quick Base generates. Just as you can customize the appearance of your application, you can add an image, like a logo, or photo, to the upper left of email notifications and subscriptions generated by Quick Base.

You can add an image, or just some text, to the upper left corner of all emails that Quick Base generates from your application. This includes notifications, reminders, report subscriptions, and emailed reports.

To add text or an image to email messages:
  1. From the app home page, click SETTINGS, then click App properties.

  2. Click Branding & custom help. (If your account is on the Quick Base Essential plan, this section will be called Branding.)

  3. Click Branding to expand the section, if necessary, and select the Customize Emails checkbox.

    Quick Base displays an Upper Left Element field.

  4. Enter one of the following items in the Upper Left Element field:

  5. Click Save to apply the new settings.

    Any email that your application generates will include the image or text that you specify.

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