Adding text or images to email messages

You can add an image, or just some text, to the upper left corner of all email that Quickbase generates from your app. This includes notifications, reminders, report subscriptions, and emailed reports.

To add text or an image to email messages:
  1. From the app home page, click Settings, then click App properties.

  2. Click Branding.

  3. Select the Customize emails checkbox. The Upper Left Element option appears.

  4. Enter text or specify the URL for an image. An image needs to be stored in one of two places:

    • Internet (external to Quickbase) – Ensure your image uses a secure URL (one that begins with https).

    • File attachment in an app record – If you store your images this way, you must ensure that the table that stores these images is accessible by everyone on the internet.
      You can get the URL of an image stored as a file attachment by opening the record. Click the link to open the attached file and copy the URL from within your browser's address bar. For example, here’s the URL to an image stored in a record in our Quickbase Help feedback app:

  5. Click Save to apply the new settings.

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