Enabling and disabling a sandbox

New sandbox: This topic covers the new sandbox feature released in December 2019.

In order to create and use a sandbox, first an app admin must enable the feature in App Properties.

Note: This feature is available for specific plans. Check the Quick Base Pricing page for a comparison.

Enabling a sandbox

  1. Open the app for which you want to enable a sandbox.

  2. Select Settings, and then select App Properties.

  3. In the Advanced Settings section, select the Enable change management through a dedicated sandbox check box.

  4. Select Save. On the app table bar, a button appears labeling the live app. This button includes a drop down menu where you’ll manage a sandbox for the app.

Note: Sandbox-enabled apps are only listed once on your My apps page. You open the app and switch between the live app and a sandbox, rather than having a sandbox listed separately on My apps.

Disabling a sandbox

If you decide not to use a sandbox to manage changes, you can disable the feature entirely:

  1. Open the live app for which you want to disable (turn off) the sandbox feature.

  2. Click the Live button, then select Disable sandbox feature.

  3. In the confirmation dialog, click the Yes, Disable button. This will disable the feature and delete any sandbox you have started.

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