Examining Account Usage

This topic explains how to check on your account's usage based on the limits defined by your service plan.

To check on your account usage:
  1. Access the Manage Billing Account page.

  2. Click the Summary tab.

  3. In the Account Info section, you can find your usage information in the table under Purchased & Used.

The table shows you how many users you have and how much space your applications and attached files are taking up. The limits on these items are defined by your service plan (click on the plan name at the left to see plan details). If you are at 90% or over in any category, a link appears on the right side of that row. Click the link to add capacity to your service plan.

Two other usage measures are shown under the table: Apps and API Calls. These items provide useful information for account administrators.

About the Apps tab:

The Apps tab lists data about each app in your account.

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