Remove a Table from an Application

There may be times when you want to remove a table from your application but save the data it contains.

You can easily pull off this trick, by moving the table from your application to a new application. When you do this, Quickbase separates the table from the application but does not delete the table structure or contents. Instead, it creates a new application containing the table and gives it the same name as the table. You can access this new application from the My Apps page.

Note: This action doesn't delete the table, but it does break existing relationships. This makes it extremely difficult to return the table to its original application. If you think you'll ever want to move the table back into its source application, save yourself some trouble. You can remove access to the table, or hide it from the Table bar to keep it out of sight but still in your application.

To remove a table from an application:
  1. From the My Apps page, open the application that contains the table you want to move.

  2. Click Settings, then click Tables.

  3. Locate the table that you want to remove and click the Move this table to a new app icon ().

  4. In the dialog that displays, click Move Table.

    When you return to the My Apps page, the name of the table you chose is listed as a new application.

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