Export Data Out of Quick Base

You can export data out of Quick Base one table at a time. To do so, you'll save each table's data in a text file format, which lets you transfer your data to outside spreadsheets or database applications. If you want to export a subset of data (like records you've collected in a report) instead, you can do that too. (Read how.)

Tip: If you want to export data to another application within Quick Base, read about the Import from Table feature.

To export data from a table:
  1. Open the table from the Table bar, then choose More > Import/Export on the Page bar.

  2. Click Export a table to a file.

  3. Select the table from which you want to export data in the Pick Table list.

  4. Select an export format:

  5. Click Export to File after you make a selection.

Note: You can't export file attachments.


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