Exporting data out of Quickbase

You can export data out of Quickbase one table at a time. To do so, you'll save each table's data in a text file format, which lets you transfer your data to outside spreadsheets or database applications. If you want to export a subset of data (like records you've collected in a report) instead, you can do that too. (Read how.)

Tip: If you want to export data to another app within Quickbase, read about the Import from Table feature.

To export data from a table:
  1. Open the table, then choose More - Import/Export.

  2. Click Export a table to a file.

  3. Select the table from which you want to export data in the Pick Table list.

  4. Select an export format:

    • Comma Separated Values (.csv) Saves records in text format. Fields are separated by commas and records are separated by a carriage return. Most database programs understand this format, so this kind of file is one of the most commonly used to move data between different programs. Use this format if you're exporting to a spreadsheet program.

    • Tab-Delimited Values (.tsv) This file is just like a comma-delimited file, except that tabs separate field values instead of commas. This format is also good for export to a spreadsheet program.

    • XML (short for Extensible Markup Language) output also creates a simple text file, but this file uses descriptive tags to separate fields and records.

  5. Click Export to File after you make a selection.

Note: You can't export file attachments.