Two-Step Authentication FAQ

This topic refers to functionality that is not available to accounts on the Quick Base Essential plan. If the functionality described here does not match what you're seeing in Quick Base, your account is probably on this plan.

What is 2-step Authentication?

2-step authentication is an additional security feature designed to prevent anyone from accessing your Quick Base account even if they know your password. With 2-step authentication, a user signing in to Quick Base must provide two means of identification from separate categories of credentials: username/password combination and a security code provided via email. When this option is enabled, if the user enters a valid username and password, they are then prompted to enter their security code.

Why should I use 2-step authentication?

It's important that only you can access your Quick Base account. 2-step authentication gives you an extra layer of security to protect your identify and your valuable data in Quick Base.

Who can use 2-step authentication?

Only native Quick Base users or users with LDAP accounts can use 2-step authentication. If you are using SAML, this feature is NOT available. However, if you have a mix of native Quick Base users and users with LDAP accounts, they can use 2-step authentication.

How do I set up 2-step authentication?

Click here for instructions.

How does it work?

Your account or realm administrator will enable 2-step authentication if your organization requires it. When you sign into Quick Base with your username and password, you will be prompted for a verification code. The code is sent to your Quick Base email. Copy and paste that code into the prompt and you can access your account.

Do I still need security questions?

2-step authentication eliminates the need for security questions. Your identity is verified exclusively using your password and 6-digit verification code.

What if I use API integrations?

Any API integrations must authenticate using user tokens and not standard Quick Base API_Authenticate. If you are using API_Authenticate, the integration will fail.

What if I use Quick Base connected tables?

Quick Base connected tables can be used with 2-step authentication by enabling user token authentication. To make a connection to a Quick Base app that uses 2-step authentication, add a user token for the source app and then use that user token to make the connection. For more on user tokens and connected tables, read Connecting to another Quick Base app.

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