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When should I create a connected table that uses another Quick Base app as its source?

If you want to include a number of fields from another Quick Base app in your app and keep the data in sync, you may want to create a connected table. Using connected tables to access data in other Quick Base apps, instead of cross-application relationships, enables you to access all of the data that you want, rather than just specific lookup fields. You can update the data in the connected table automatically, according to the refresh schedule that you set. See Connecting to other Quick Base apps.

Note: Through a connection, Quick Base fields are simplified as needed to fit these types: Text, Number, Date, Time, and Checkbox. Quick Base Address fields are not available.

What if I want to connect to a lot of data?

You can set a filter to limit the data that you connect from an external service, such as QuickBooks Online or Salesforce.com. Setting a filter helps restrict records to the ones you really care about; for example, invoices from this year, rather than all invoices.

If you are bringing a large amount of data into a connected table, it may take some time for your connected data to display the first time. Since table refreshes bring in only new or changed data, subsequent table refreshes will be much faster than the table creation.

Quick Base can sync to a maximum of one billion cells (where a cell = number of records x number of fields). If you exceed this limit during an attempted refresh, the refresh will not happen and you'll get an error message. You can set a filter to limit the data to be synced.

Here are some guidelines if you expect the connected table you are creating will contain 25MB or more of data:

  1. When creating your connected table, filter the table to bring in just one record.

  2. Confirm that the connected table brings in the data you expect.

  3. In table SETTINGS, edit the connected table to change the filter to bring in the entire record set you want.

  4. In table SETTINGS, schedule the first refresh of the table to occur overnight. After the table is populated for the first time, you can change or remove the scheduled refresh.

Can I copy a connected table?

No, you can’t copy a connected table. However, if you want to make the data in your connected table editable, you can make a copy of your app with data. Doing this creates an editable copy of the table in the copied app.

This copy of the connected table is not connected to the data source and can’t be re-connected.

To make a copy of your app with data:

  1. In App Settings, select App management.

  2. In the Manage the app area, select Copy app.

  3. In the Copy Options area, select Copy this application with data and then click the Copy Application button.

I already have a Quick Base table; can I add connected fields to it?

You can only add connected fields to connected tables.

If you want to bring connected fields into an existing Quick Base table, you can create a new connected table, choose the fields that you want to connect, and then create relationships between that connected table and your existing Quick Base table.

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