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This topic refers to functionality that is not available to accounts on the Quick Base Essential plan. If the functionality described here does not match what you're seeing in Quick Base, your account is probably on this plan.

Connected fields are fields within a connected table that are connected to an app, service, or folder of CSV data. Connected fields appear with a icon on the Field Settings page.

Since the data in connected fields comes from an external service, you can’t edit the data in connected fields or add a new record to a connected table. This helps to keep your data in sync across multiple services and eliminate potential confusion about which system contains the most up-to-date information.

To add or update a record with the most current data available in the connected data source, refresh your connected table.

You can rename connected fields and change the field types. You can also connect more fields any time.

Supported field types

The following field types are supported for connected fields:

  • Address
  • Checkbox
  • Date/Time (as Date)
  • Duration
  • Numeric
  • Text
  • Time of Day (as Text)

Note: Through a connection, Quick Base fields are simplified as needed to fit these types: Text, Numeric, Date, Time, and Checkbox. Quick Base Address fields are not available.

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