About Formula-Email Address Field Properties

The properties for this field type are:


Enter a name for this field. This name displays on data-entry forms and as column headings in reports.


Click Change Type to change the field type.

Some field types (List-User, Multi-select Text, and File Attachment, for example) may not be changed. The Change Type link will not be present if this is the case.

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Select this option...

If you want to...

Must be unique

Ensure that every entry in this field is different.

This is useful for fields that contain information such as product serial numbers or ID numbers.

Check existing entries for duplicate values

Change a field in an existing application to require unique values and want to require that all previously entered data is unique.

To display this option, select Must be unique.

If Quick Base finds existing values in this field that aren't unique, an error message appears and Quick Base clears the Must be unique checkbox. If this occurs, you can do one of two things:

  • Sort the field to find duplicate values, make corrections as necessary, return to the Properties page, then select both Unique checkboxes again.

  • Select Must be unique if it doesn't matter whether existing data in this field is unique or if you want only new entries in this field to be unique.

Default Domain

Enter a domain name to add to every user name. You can use the default domain to enter the email addresses of your company into forms.

For example, if you work for Squeegee Makers, Inc., you can enter the domain name, "squeegeemakers.com," in this field. Then when you type an employee's email address in a form, all you need to enter is the name portion of the email address—Quick Base automatically appends @squeegeemakers.com to the entry when you click Save.

Email All

Select the Display an icon in the totals row to email everyone in reports checkbox if you'd like to include an Email icon in table or summary reports. Clicking the icon opens a new email in the default email client, addressed to everyone in this field that appears in the report.


Enter the formula to generate the value this field shows. When you click the Formula text field, a Fields & Functions list appears.

  1. Click Select a Function to open the Quick Base Formula Functions dialog box.

  2. Select or search for the type of function you want from the list.

  3. Click the formula that you want, then click Insert.

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Value Display

These properties apply when the field appears in table and timeline reports.

Select one or more options...


Display in bold

Display the data in bold.

Display without wrapping

Prevent the data from being broken into multiple lines.

Select one of the following options...


Display the entire email address

Display the entire email address.

Display just the part of the email address before "@"

Display the email, but not the domain name. For example, if the email address is jsmith@example.com, then only "jsmith" appears.

Display just the part of the email address before the first underscore "_"

Display the email up to the first underscore (typically, the first name of the user). For example, if the email address is john_smith@example.com, then only "john" appears.

Note: If there is no underscore, the entire email portion of the email address displays.


To set the permissions:
  1. Click Restrict access by role to limit access to the data in this field.

    When selected, the Role and Permission list appears.

  2. Select either None, View, or Modify for each role.

Note: This property is not available to accounts on the Quick Base Essential plan.

Override sub-field access

Set to use the access permissions specified above in Permissions, even if the permissions are less restrictive than those of the sub-fields, which are the fields used to calculate this field's value.

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Select to allow the field to be included when searching or filtering the table.


To use this field in reports:
  1. Select Add this field to all new reports to display this field as a column when users create but don't customize reports.

    When selected, automatically selects The field may be used in reports option.

  2. Select The field may be used in reports to use this field in reports.

    If you want the field to be a default column, you must select this option.

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Shared values

To make entries in this field available as choices in another field:
  1. Select Values from this field may be a source for dropdown lists in other apps, then click Add App.

  2. Select an application, then click OK.

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Field help text

If you want to provide help text in association with this field, enter it in the text box. This text will display via the information () icon next to the field.


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