Filtering and Sorting the Table List

Some Quick Base users have many tables. In these cases, it can be useful to filter the table list shown on the Tables list.

Filtering the Table List

The Search tables box appears at the top of the Tables list. Type a search term to see only tables whose names contain that term.

Sorting the Table List

By default, the order of the tables in the Tables list is the order Quick Base uses when it displays the table bar or a list of tables. You can change the order shown by dragging and dropping the tables in the list. If you have selected one or more tables using the checkbox to the left of the table name, you can drag and drop them to reorder the tables. The double-arrow cursor indicates that the drag & drop functionality is available:

While dragging, a horizontal yellow line indicates the place where the table(s) will be dropped, and the tooltip gives exact information about the number of tables being dragged and the drop location. The new table order takes effect after the tables are dropped in their new location.

If you prefer to sort the tables by a column in the table list, click the column header. Drag and drop is disabled while you have tables sorted by a column, and a warning to that effect is displayed at the top of the screen. Click the Return to table list order link in the message to re-enable drag and drop.

Note: Sorting tables by a column in the table list does not affect the order shown in the table bar.