New and Updated Flags

Often, you'll want to keep track of what your colleagues have been up to within your Quick Base apps. To help you keep on top of changes, Quick Base marks records that have changed with an icon.

Flag icons and their meaning

When you open an app, markers next to each record show you what has changed:

  • NEW! icon appears in reports to mark records that have been added.

  • UPDT icon appears in reports to mark records that have been modified.

Using flags to track changes

If you want to use flags in Quick Base, first make sure flags are not hidden. The command can be found on the My Preferences page, accessible by clicking My preferences in the user dropdown on the Global bar. If you have chosen to show flags, and they don't appear in an app you're using, your app administrator has turned them off for the whole app.

Flags in an app are cleared automatically 24 hours after you log in and access the app. You can also manually clear flags. (See the next section to find out how.) Normally, you'd see flags marking changes made during the 24 hours after you last accessed the app. If you'd like to see flags for a smaller time period (say, a few hours), clear flags when you want to begin tracking changes. When you clear flags, you clear them only for yourself, not all users of the application.

Tip: If you want to view only the new or changed entries in a particular table, click the table name and choose the List Changes report.

Clearing flags

To clear flags in a table:
  1. Click a table in the Table bar to show the table Home page or display a table report of records in that table. If you are viewing the report in the app Home page, click Full Report in the table header to display just that report.

  2. Select More > Clear New and Updated flags from the Page bar.

    Note: If an application administrator has hidden flags for an application you use, this command will not be shown.

  3. Click Continue to clear the flags.

Hiding flags

Clearing the NEW! icon and UPDT icon flags only lasts until something changes in your application, then they start appearing again. Do you or your application's users find the flags distracting? As a user or an app administrator, would you like to hide those pesky flags? Now you can.

Note: Flags are hidden by default for new Quick Base users.

To hide flags for all applications you use:

If you are a Quick Base user, you can choose to hide flags in all your applications. This feature hides the flags only for you.

  1. Click the user dropdown on the Global bar, then click My preferences.

  2. Under My User Preferences, select the Hide "New" and "Updated" flags checkbox. This option is checked by default for new users.

  3. Click Save on the Page bar.

To hide flags for all users of an app:

If you are an application administrator, you can choose to hide flags for all users of your application.

  1. On the app Home page, click Settingsin the Page bar.

  2. Click App properties.

  3. Expand the Advanced settings section (if necessary), and under Options, select the checkbox labeled Hide the new/updated icons for all users.

  4. Click Save on the Page bar.