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If you have this issue

Do this to get help

I forgot my Quickbase password.

Click the I forgot my password link on the Quickbase Sign In page to reset your password.

I can't access the email account I use to sign in to Quickbase.

– or –

I forgot the answer to my security question.

Use the Contact Us form to get help from Quickbase Customer Care.

I need help with some aspect of Quickbase billing.

Contact Quickbase Customer Care (or your account manager, if relevant).

I need to restore app data.

Contact Quickbase Customer Care.

I want access to an app.

Use the Request Permission button when you are denied access, or contact the app's manager.

I need how-to help with reports, formulas, relationships, or other Quickbase functionality.

See the Quickbase online help:

If you don't find what you need, contact Quickbase Customer Care.

I need help on how to use a Quickbase app created by or for my organization.

Contact the app's manager at your organization.

I want to ask other Quickbase users a question.

Access the Quickbase Community.

I think that I found a bug in Quickbase.

Contact Quickbase Customer Care.

I thought of a great new feature or enhancement for Quickbase.

Use the Quickbase UserVoice site to enter your suggestion.