Grant Application Access to an Entire Company

Before you can grant application access to an entire company, that company's email domain must be registered with Quick Base.

If you want to give everyone at your company access to your application, you need not add each user individually. You can invite everyone at your company to your application by adding your company's email domain to your list of users.

In fact, you can easily give access to all users in another company as well. For instance, imagine you have created an application to track the progress of one of your marketing campaigns. You may want to add all users from the graphic design company you're working with, to give them access to all relevant project information. By adding your vendor's email domain to your list of users, you ensure that Quick Base users who work for your vendor can access your application by signing in with their company email address.

Note: If you add a company's email domain, Quick Base will NOT send an invitation email to all users in the domain, even if you've chosen to send an email on the Add dialog.

To grant access to a company:
  1. Choose Users on the Table bar, then click the Share app with new user button.

    The Share With a New User dialog appears.

  2. Begin typing the company's email domain name in the input box, and choose the domain from the dropdown list that appears.

    For example,

  3. Select a role.

    The role you assign determines the access that any user in this domain has to the application. For more information, see About Roles.

  4. Click Add.  

    Note: This method only grants access to registered Quick Base users. Any users who register with Quick Base in the future and possess an email address in the specified domain automatically get access to your application. Users must actually possess the email addresses they enter; email verification is required for most actions in Quick Base.

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